About us

Yorgo Seferis Hotel is an elegant boutique hotel in the Urla district of Izmir, reverently dedicated to the memory of its master pen, Yorgo Seferis, the poignant voice of modern Greek literature. In memory of Seferis, the hotel has undertaken the mission of preserving and restoring this historical building named after him.

It offers a time travel with its authentic decoration and wooden floored rooms. This unique place, every detail of which has been meticulously thought out, blends the spirit and aesthetics of the past with contemporary comfort. Vintage furniture invites you to a nostalgic atmosphere while whispering the silent stories of history.

Yorgo Seferis Hotel allows its guests to be a part of their story by offering easy access. It is possible to combine with the aesthetic harmony of the magnificent sea view flowing from the high hills from the hotel, which is only 50 meters from the beach.

Every moment turns into an unforgettable story in this indescribable place where history and nature meet, which is open at all times of the year. Far beyond the “home away from home” concept, it expresses itself as a symbol of wisdom, peace and enlightenment.


To create a living space that makes you feel the texture of culture and goes deep into the human spirit.


To write new stories with the awareness of preserving a historical structure and providing an enlightening experience.

Basic values

• Respect for Heritage: Preserving and honoring the legacy of Yorgo Seferis
• Sustainability of History: Bringing the past to the present and delivering it to future generations
• Authenticity: Reflecting the spirit and aesthetics of ancient times
• Quality: Providing a comfortable accommodation experience at high standards
• Love of Nature: Serving in an environment intertwined with nature
• Cultural Awareness: Keeping the texture of history and culture alive


Flow like a dove
on that secret shore
thirsty afternoon:
but the waters were salty.

On the yellow sands
We wrote his name
but a wind blew from the sea
and deleted posts.

What a soul, a heart,
with what passion and passion
we lived: we were wrong!
We changed to live like that.

Yorgo Seferis

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